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Archery is one of the premier daily activities at Camp Adventurewood. During each session, instruction is given regarding the fundamentals of shooting and safety methods. Each group of campers works as a team to shoot for more points than the opposing group. Our counselors have been extensively trained, and our archery program is more robust than any other day-camp in Pasadena!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is one of the campers' favorite activities at Camp Adventurewood, and has been a part of the camp's history since its inaugural season in 1947. The shaded pathways of the lower Arroyo Seco afford a scenic and safe location for our horse trails. Our horses and ponies are carefully selected, good-natured, and are accustomed to being around children. While riding, the campers are closely supervised by trained wranglers.


Bear Attacks!

During this amusing event, the campers arm themselves with slingshots while using ping-pong balls as ammunition. As the comical bears approach, the campers fire their ammunition. (Although it goes without saying, the campers will not be engaging real bears.)


Arts & Crafts

Throughout the course of the summer, each camper will create a major craft project that they will take home at the end of the session. Summer 2019 will feature "Camp Adventurewood Character Dioramas," in which each camper will assemble wooden dioramas depicting themselves, along with our various treasure hunt characters. Get ready to see your child featured in a diorama alongside Shish-Boom-Rah, Thomas Soyer, Prisoner 39-0-13, Johnny Wells, and over a dozen of our other heroes and villains!



This summer, Camp Adventurewood will embark on a giant hiking adventure. Our campers will travel to Altadena’s Eaton Canyon. There, they will hike along the shady riverbed until they arrive at the legendary "Crocodile Falls," where they can explore the pond beneath the 50-foot waterfall. The annual hike is one of the campers' favorites days of the summer.


Camp Olympics

This spectacular event is held on the final two days of camp. Without a doubt, these are the most highly anticipated days of the summer! During the Olympics, the camp is divided into 12 teams, which compete for the coveted Camp Adventurewood Olympic Cup. Some of the featured events include: Dinosaur Soccer, the Hockey Relay, War Ball, the Tug-of-War Tournament, the Egg-in-the-Spoon Race, the Egg-in-the-Spoon Race, the Javelin Toss, and a host of other activities. The Camp Adventurewood Olympics is a great way for campers to showcase their individual abilities and talents while also learning the value of teamwork. After the games, the campers enjoy an end-of-summer barbecue, where counselors prepare "Johnny's Famous Hotdogs."



During this popular daily event, campers climb into canoes and set sail in the Arroyo Casting Pond. Campers participate in various marine activities including: fishing, relay- races, capture the flag, a massive marine obstacle course, and much more. Camp Adventurewood is proud to be the only day-camp in Pasadena with a canoeing program!



On typical camp days, swimming is held at Pasadena City College's outdoor pool. Our entire staff of senior and junior counselors supervise and swim with the campers. Pasadena City College provides a half-dozen trained lifeguards that are stationed around our campers. Our counselors closely oversee the campers inside the pool, at the diving boards, on the deck, and in the locker rooms.


Capture the Flag

After lunchtime, the older campers are arranged into six teams that continuously battle for the Camp Adventurewood Capture the Flag Championship. These red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white teams are coached by our junior counselors, who compete for the highly-coveted championship belt! The event is truly a spectacle to behold!


Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt is a one-of-a-kind interactive adventure! This five-week storyline features heroes, villains, mysteries, and astonishing feats. Each summer, the kids find themselves in search of a legendary treasure. In the past, our campers have discovered the Fountain of Youth, the San Andreas Aquamarines, and countless other artifacts! But the quests aren't easy. Last summer, the infamous Shish-Boom-Rah battled Camp Adventurewood for the treasure, and vowed revenge when he was defeated. Sources have confirmed that Shish-Boom-Rah is still at large, and will once again battle Camp Adventurewood (lead by Johnny Wells). With the Elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Plant, Wind, and Fire already in his possession; Shish-Boom-Rah only needs to acquire the Element of Light to achieve his fiendish master plan! The fate of the world again hangs in the balance as the campers embark on their next great treasure hunt expedition, to try to save the world from peril once again!


Elephant Soccer

In Elephant Soccer, two teams of campers maneuver a pair of gigantic 4-foot-diameter soccer balls, and attempt to score enough goals to win the game. This event is one of the campers' favorite activities. On special occasions, Elephant Soccer morphs into a mammoth game of dodge ball!


Sunset Beach Trips

On select days, campers travel to Sunset Beach, a relatively private beach located south of Seal Beach, about 40 minutes from Pasadena. Campers enjoy splashing in the shallow waves and building sandcastles on the shore. At the beach, we set up a perimeter in front of a designated lifeguard tower, where the counselors and lifeguards closely supervise the campers.